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1) Superior Cone Strength & Design

Matt’s Cones feature a home made appearance, thicker walls, and a tight weave design. For superior strength, we bake the ice cream cones with a unique crosshatch pattern both inside and out. A unique “golden point” also adds strength and prevents leakage.

2) Multiple Cone Styles & Flavor Options

We understand that one or two cone sizes does not fill the needs of every ice cream operation, so Matt’s Cones is proud to offer the largest pre-made waffle cone assortment in the industry.  Our waffle cones are available in six sizes and our 3 flavored ice cream cones include vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon.  Always looking for innovative new ways to serve ice cream, we offer an array of specialty cones and shapes.

3) Premium Taste & Flavor

Our traditional waffle cone recipe stays true to its heritage, which means that Matt’s Cones retain the most authentic waffle cone flavor currently available. Our waffle cones and sugar cones are transfat free and baked with sea salt, making them a healthy tasteful choice.