You can now order waffle cones  
The store is setup for waffle cone sales, you can add your email adress to the news letter for futher updates.

How do you ship cones
Small orders are being shipping in our special double wall shipper boxes, we have two sizes for waffel cones; one for a single box or mutiple small items and a large double walled box that holds two cases of waffle cones, the cones are carefully packed.We do not just ship cones in their origional box and add a shipping label. Please reuse the shipper box for other things like storage boxes. All packaging cost and shipping is inclusive in the listed price.  Small orders ar being shipped by UPS or Usps. Large orders are being shipped by freight trucks ( on a pallet).

I have an ice cream store and would like to order waffle cones in large quantities, how do I do this?
The shop is now setup for wholesale customers, please call us so we can set you up correctly.
For wholsesale discounts we have volume brackets for  6 cs, 8 cs, 12 cs, 16 cs, 24 cs and 40 Cs+ orders, and zone pricing for east coast, central states and west coast. Prcing included shipping cost. Accesorial charges as: Residential delivery,Liftgate, Limited access, etc are in adition to the shipping cost.

Do the mini cones come in other flavors? 
The mini cones only come in one stardard flavors that's between sweet and non sweet.

How long can I keep the cones?
Cones have a shelf life of approx  6 - 9 month when kept wrapped up away from humidity and stored in a dry and cool place.

When does my order ship? 
Your order ships normally within 1 to 2 days. Please use the standard mini cone item # 750 for standard shipping.  Express Request for Mini Cones; use the  Mini Cone item # 750-EXPRESS, this will send the order direct to the Express shipping department. EXPRESS orders placed by 1 PM EST will ship that afternoon. Make sure you select the express shipping option you would like to use. Click on the shipping dropdown arrow for pricing.  We do not ship on weekends and holidays.

Disclaimer: Cones are extremely fragile and susceptible to damage during shipping. While we do package them as carefully as possible, some cones may still be damaged during transit. Matt's cones is not responsible for cones damaged during shipping.